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In relation to neighbour disputes noise is probably the most common cause of disputes between neighbours but others include odour, dust, lack of light, branch and root encroachment, and trespass. These sorts of problems often arise out of development of one sort or another. It could be something as simple as the erection of a new fence or something more complex, such as the construction of a new extension, basement or penthouse.

Planning permission is usually required for any significant development. This may give a neighbour an opportunity to challenge a scheme before construction starts. If permission for a scheme is granted then the owner/developer and any aggrieved neighbour will probably want advice on a range of legal issues including trespass, party wall and right of light issues, and common law nuisance. Landlord and tenant issues also need to be considered if the development relates to buildings such as blocks of flats.

We advise owners and/or developers and aggrieved neighbours on all manner of neighbour disputes.