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Boundary disputes are common-place and arise in relation to commercial, residential and agricultural land. As boundary dispute solicitors we are often involved in boundary wall disputes, or with issues relating to boundary fence ownership. Residential boundary disputes are the most common and can receive a lot of publicity. Property owners can often be very emotive about their boundaries and therefore careful and calm consideration should be given to the best way to resolve a dispute at the outset.

The approach a party to a boundary dispute takes to resolve it will probably depend on the value of the disputed land. In low value cases the parties should consider jointly instructing a surveyor to facilitate a settlement. In higher value and/or more complex cases legal advice is desirable and it will probably be necessary to instruct a land surveyor with experience of boundary disputes. We are able to make recommendations.

Where a disputed boundary has been in place for many years the dispute usually turns into an adverse possession case.

If you have a boundary dispute then whatever the nature of the land it is desirable to obtain legal advice from a boundary dispute solicitor as soon as possible. This is particularly important in a residential case where two neighbours are in dispute. Effective representation at this stage may avoid a long, bitter and expensive dispute. If there is litigation we are able to provide representation in preparing a case for trial usually working along-side a land surveyor (as an expert witness).